Helpten was selected as the best in the German most prestigious telematics competition

2012-09-27, Helpten was selected as the best in the German most prestigious telematics competition

German Automotive Industry Association and the Telematik-Markt honored the most venerable telematic companies on Thursday 20th September. Finnish growth company providing driving data services was chosen as the winner in the series of ECO-telematics. Helpten was the only Finnish company among finalists in this year.

Helpten impressed the jury with innovative driving related eco-friendly solutions that can be used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to drive more economically. Helpten is the first Finnish company, which is awarded in the competition.

Telematik Award competition is held every two years. This year the competition was held in Hanover and 286 companies took part in it. The competition has 10 different series. Competition was organized by the German leading telematics organization Telematik-Markt in cooperation with the German Automotive Industry Association. The prize was presented by the German Automotive Industry Association Executive Director Dr. Kay Lindemann and the region of Lower Saxony Minister Jörg Bode.

In Germany, there are many competitors in telematics industry. More than a thousand companies are competing in the field. Helpten has been operating in the German market since 2010 and its objective is to seek growth from German market but also from other Central European countries.

- Especially in Central Europe the environmental impacts of driving and economical benefits from driving are the issues paid attention to. Also in Finland insurers and companies, with a lot of driving, are interested in driving style analysis, which can provide savings and support greener driving. This award is a great achievement for us, says CEO of Helpten Sampo Hietanen.

Additional information: Sampo Hietanen, CEO, Helpten Oy, tel. +358 10 423 7088